Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well I've been feverishly working away ... but not on things that I should be working on! Instead I decided to try and improve my glass angels that I first started working on last year. Last minute of course but I believe I've been making some progress despite beginning in a new type of glass which presented me with a whole new learning curve! I've made about 20 and only 3 are strong enough to see the light so more practice is in order.

I still have some tweaking to do on them before I'm going to officially announce them to the public (I have an image in my mind that my attempts so far do not match up to), and I'm trying to decide whether to decorate them with gold - which I probably will do once the glasswork is worth the extra time spent on them.

So what should I be working on instead?

BEADS - for BABE (November 14 - 15) - I'll be on table 616. I'm low on bead stock and have a rather mottley collection of beads at the moment, but as always I'll have my fused glass cabachons and related bead and glass jewelry.

The week following BABE I will be a Arans Studio doing a fundraiser for the Castro Valley schools music program. I'm fortunate to be in an area with a really superb music program and know how much my children have benefitted from it. It should be a really exciting event with demonstrations and opportunities for hands on experiences! Come along to Aran's to see what is happening and support Music in Castro Valley Schools. For more information visit