Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm going to let go of having my blog be perfect - and unused! Since unused is definitely not perfect!

I've been busy working on my black and white creations for a theme we will be having at our local gallery. In place of a small group show the theme "Black and White" was chosen, and even though this will only be up for 3 weeks I've found I'm really inspired by it!

I've been madly lampworking and making scrolled creations which lends itself to the black and white theme very well, as well as beginning to apply it to my enameled creations - they're emerging with a very urban/industrial feel so far but I'm hoping to soften the look a little with some more floral theme type work ...

These enameled earrings show the urban end of things!

I'm hesitating to use opaques on silver as it seems such a waste! I do have a copper flower that I used as the design basis for a class I was teaching at a local community center so I may use that hydraulic press test to enamel initially, and I've a few cloisonee enamel ideas lined up too - Just have to finish a lampworked black and white necklace for a special display with a fellow artists hanging necks that we're collaborating with!

Here are some of my black and white lampworked scrolls ... I really like the slight touches of metallic that give this pendant a bit of depth.