Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still thinking PINK!

My pink rubino tests are almost done ... just one rod of transparent rubino and one rod of rocky rubino (that has some unabsorbed or melted raw material still left in the rod) that a very kind soul sent to me to try, still left to go!

Here on the left is the latest Effetre #456 Rubino glass, available from Frantz Art Glass. You'll notice a good similarity with the older #456 that I was using and that had compatibility issues... It's a tiny bit more raspberry but nontheless a beautiful color for a fuschia heart! I did add two layers of color over the white to enhance the fuschia color - It is my very unscientific theory that due to the price of ingredients manufacturers are using less of the color enhancing components. But no cracking on this small one!

CIM Cranberry - #926-2
This had a definite tendency to yellow on me. The encased spacer beads I made with it have a very unattractive orange/yellow tinge to them. I will have to remember to keep my oxygen level high when torching this color. No cracking though, and the color would be great for a strawberry!

Reichenbach 104 - Pink Lady #RL2015
Recommended by two people as an alternative to my cracking problems, I have to agree that this is a great match for Effetre #456. Just a smidge more raspberry and a tad more "flat" than the original but you'd have to see both beads side by side to notice the difference. Cheaper than the current cost of rubino too! I love this and am over the moon to have found another #456 alternative in the Reichenbach range!

Reichenbach 104 - Gold Violet #RL2012
Much deeper and more intense than Pink Lady or the original Effetre 456 and slightly more on the amythyst end of the color range, but nice to work with and gives a very rich feel... not as perky as I was hoping to achieve but definitely has it's place in the "fuschia alternatives" I'm exploring.

Now off to complete a ring for RAW (Ring of the Week - I'm behind on this) and conquer my Clio problems!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thinking Pink!

I could have sworn I posted more recently than September ... didn't I mention my enameled heart throb work? My ring a week and my work a day?

So following my enameling mania in January (yes that was the Heart Throb posting - must be on my website - sadiecuming.com) I got stuck on hearts and continued the theme with 1950's style lampworked cutesy hearts.

Fuschia pink is the Holy Grail in the glass world and I thought my fuschia pink hearts were the bee's knees! Well that was until I lost two days of manic pink glass heart making to cracking ... all but one bead destined to be a pendant and one small heart with a prospective future as one earring cracked in the classic thermal shock line down the middle!

I was using an old variety of Effetre Gold Pink #456 and encasing it with Effetre Crystal Clear #006. After discounting thermal shock (all the black cored hearts survived) I had to conclude an incompatibility with my version of Rubino. The Pink quest was on!

Friends rallied around sending me various samples of #456 (different from my own)... and suggestions of other suitable colors to try. How wonderful! I'll be posting examples of the pinks as I produce them color by color as a record and for comparison over the next few days. I'll be aiming for some consistency.

Here is the color of my incompatible #456 purchased around 2005 or so. I'll be hoarding mine for it's fuschia properties ... despite the incompatibility issues.